Crack Stitching Kits


You can order a basic 3/6mm Hetie bar and 1.5 litre Heligrout 25 kit including the HeliGrout Gun.
Larger amounts are available if needed.

Each Crack Stitching Kit comprises HeliTieā„¢Bars and a tub of HeliGrout 25 which contains the dry powder and

liquid component individually packed to ensure that consistent results are obtained with every mix.

Full instructions are enclosed in each kit together with health and safety details.

Mini, Midi and Maxi sizes are available.



We would recommend a grinder to rake out the bedjoints, a HeliGrout Gun to insert the HeliGrout 25, a pointing trowel and a finger trowel.

To discuss these options, please Contact Helical Systems to arrange a quote or for any advice and recommendations today.