HeliGrout 25

HeliGrout is available in 1 litre, 3 litre and 6 litre tubs. HeliGrout has been specially formulated to bond equally well to masonry as with the HeliTie, thereby bonding the HeliTie Bar to the substrate.

Structural reinforcement is only as good as the bond of the HeliTie Bar to the masonry.

HeliGrout 25 is suitable for bonding metal components into most masonry substrates including concrete, brick, stone, blocks etc.

HeliGrout 25 has been found to be a much better alternative product to polyester and epoxy resin and is particularly useful when fire risks are an issue.

HeliTie™ Bar and HeliGrout have been independently tested and approved within Europe.

Special Features

Non-Shrink—slight expansive coefficient
Easily pumpable over long distances
Thixotropic—will not drip when used overhead
Fills voids when injected
Non-flammable and odourless material
Fully packaged for consistent mixing

STEP by STEP Crackstitching

(More details under Crack Stitching Kit Header)

Step 1
Slots are raked out or cut into horizontal mortar joints (bedjoints) to a depth of between 30-35mm and at 450mm or 6 brick courses vertical spacing.

Step 2
The slots are then vacuumed out and thoroughly flushed with water.

Step 3
The 2 part HeliGrout 25 is mixed in the tub provided.

Step 4
A bead of HeliGrout 25 is inserted into the back of the slot using a HeliGrout Gun with the grout nozzle attachment.

Step 5
The HeliTie™Bar is pushed into the grout to obtain good coverage.

Step 6
A bead of HeliGrout 25 is inserted over the exposed bar and ironed into the slot using a finger trowel.

Step 7
The slot is filled with HeliGrout 25 leaving sufficient depth for repointing.

Step 8
A colour matched mortar can be used to repair fractured bricks.

Step 9
The slot is then repointed matched as closely as possible to existing.