HeliTie Bar

HeliTie Bar is available:

  • Grade 304 and Grade 316 stainless steel
  • 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameters
  • Different lengths ranging from 400mm to 3M. It is also available in 10M lengths for approved Installers of the HeliTie System of Reinforcement.

With such a range of availability the HeliTie Bar can be designed to meet any requirements. HeliTie Bar was originally designed to get a fixing into end grain of timber. It was then discovered that it was also excellent to get a fixing into masonry which opened up a host of applications for which it is well suited. The HeliTie Bar is a very simple but effective system of tying timber to timber, timber to masonry and masonry to masonry.


  • HeliTie™ Bar to extend a minimum of 500mm each side of the crack.
  • Where a crack is within 400mm of the end of a wall, around the corner and fixed into the adjoining wall.
  • Where a crack is within 400mm of an opening the HeliTie™Bar is to be bent and fixed into the reveal.
  • Where mortar joints are not visible due to render or pebbledashing, slots can be cut outside the mortar joints ant the above intervals.

The University of Darmstadt, the prestigious testing body for the European Union, has performed independent tests on the HeliTie™Bar to ascertain its tensile and shear loadings.